The Definition of Big Tits

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The dictionary defines "bottom cleavage" as "that portion of the female breast meat that bulges underneath the underwire of a bra that doesn't quite fit, thereby causing raging hard-ons among boob lovers everywhere." Karina knew this bra didn't fit when she bought it. That's why she bought it. "Do you like my boobs," she asks early in the video. "Do you want to see more?" Yes, of course we do. But let's just say, hypothetically, that Karina's bottom cleavage was all we got to see in this video. Would that be enough? Would your balls react properly, sending a stream of spew through your rod? Or the other end? Or do you need to see Karina's naked tits? Do you need to see her drilling her sweet pussy with a big fuck toy? Of course you do. And you get that, too. But what makes this video really special is the bottom cleavage. And the pillowing of her breasts when she lays down.