Busty Exotic Teen Jasmine Angel Shows Off Pierced Nips and Fuzzy Pussy

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Jasmine wants to share her body. And with a body like hers, we can understand why. It's not very common for a girl to be both slender and curvy at the same time. "I've been wanting to take naked pictures for a while, but I had a jealous boyfriend who didn't want me to. So I broke up with him. Now my best friend is my photographer, and after she takes pictures of me, we eat each other's pussies." So you're bisexual? "I like to have sex with girls and guys, but I'm only interested in dating guys. But I need someone open-minded who is okay with us having threesomes with both other girls and other guys. I'm a little slutty and I want to explore that more. Maybe I'll just stay single for a while."