Date Night For Anastasia LAmour

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It's date night for super-busty Anastasia L'Amour. She's dressed to the nines in an evening gown and waiting by the window for Sam Shock to arrive. Anastasia runs her hands over her huge boobs in anticipation. When Sam arrives, their plans change. Before they go out, they want to have hot sex. Sam undresses Anastasia and scoops up her boobs, licking and sucking them. He caresses and fingers her shaved pussy. "Maybe I should undress you," Anastasia says. She kneels before him to give him head, holding him by the balls and getting every inch of the shaft in her throat, moaning and making popping sounds. Her breasts demand cock. Sam wedges his dick between Anastasia's huge breasts and fucks her tits. Anastasia and Sam get into bed. She climbs on top of him so he can continue the tit-fucking. Anastasia sucks him some more, then takes his cock in her hand and slips it into her shaved pussy. Her tits bounce wildly in his face as she rides and grinds his dick. Sam has Anastasia lie back so he can fuck her in missionary. As he pumps into her, he uses his thumb to rub her clitoris, heating her up even more. They never did leave the apartment, and for good reason.