Busty Blonde Fucked By Towing Company

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The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. The incident depicted happens every day around the world. Young, attractive women with large breasts discover that their parked cars are missing and have been taken away by towing firms. Many are left stranded and angry by these parking lot plunderers. One woman decides to take assertive action, fight back and reclaim her automobile against all odds. She'll take it lying down. Her name: Bridgette B., and she's a voice for all big-boobed women whose cars have been towed. When Bridgette finds her vehicle has been taken and she must pay a ridiculous fee to get it back, she stomps into the lair of this operation and demands total satisfaction from the manager, JMac. She not only gets it, she gets her car back, too. Chalk up a victory for this busty and curvy blonde. SCORELAND commends Bridgette's take-charge attitude. Bridgette B.'s favorite sexual position? "It depends on the guy's penis." Bridgette B.'s fuck fantasies? "Most of them involve real life situations such as on a plane or parents' bed." Is a towing company office among them? It might be now.