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What are friends for? Sandy Pierce, a 59-year-old mother and grandmother, is about to find that out in her second fuck scene at Sandy is vacationing at a friend's house. She doesn't want to go home. Her husband is a deadbeat who only wants to sit around and watch TV. So she's on the phone with her girlfriend. Sandy is wondering why her friend told her to get all dressed up. "You have a surprise for me?" Sandy says. "What's the surprise?" The surprise is that her friend has sent somebody over, but that confuses Sandy even more...and more when Sandy turns around, sees Jax and says, "Hey, there's somebody in my backyard. What's going on here, Monica?" Sandy opens the door. Jax says, "I was told to come and show you a good time." By "good time," he doesn't mean taking her out for lunch or going shopping or showing her the sights. He means fucking her old mouth and pussy with his big, black cock. And that, to answer the original question, is what friends are for.