H Is For H-Cup Boobs

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Lara Jones is a girl a guy never forgets unless he's fickle to the extreme. She has an easygoing personality and an equally enigmatic side. Sometimes she has a look on her face that seems like she is surprised at all the attention she gets. When Lara opens up, she's happy to get personal. SCORELAND: So, Lara, are you more dominant or submissive? Lara: I am more passive when it comes to making the first move but I am dominant when we start having sex. SCORELAND: Then what happens? Lara: I like teasing and playing and taking it slow. We start to play, and then we go from there. SCORELAND: You are a little shy, aren't you? Lara: I am shy about talking about sex. I am not shy about having it. SCORELAND: What's your favorite position? Lara: I like doggie style. And I like to give blow jobs. Of course, men like to fuck my tits, and I like that, too. It is part of the fun of having big breasts. SCORELAND: Are there any unusual places where you've had sex? Lara: On the balcony in the middle of the day. It was nice. It made me feel so wild, so exciting. SCORELAND: Did people see you? Lara: Yes!